Ayahuasca healing retreat in Peru:

Envision arriving by boat to the shores of a beautiful Ayahuasca medicine retreat center in the Peruvian jungle, where your guesthouses are tree-houses within the ancient trees.  Curandeiro Maria Garnet and her partners are building just that, a sacred space where you can go to meet with what is known as the grandmother medicine,  learn and heal  in a safe environment, and with confidence in a highly skilled, caring, and dedicated team. Ayahuasca is a brew traditionally made from the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine combined with one or more plants native to the Amazon Rainforest. The tea has been used for millenia for spiritual healing by indigenous tribes of Amazonia.

Canto Luz:

Canto Luz retreat center is in the process of being built, and Mariya is currently visiting Eastern Canada on her journey promoting her indie-gogo fundraising campaign for building this centre on land that has been offered to her and her teachers for this vision. You are invited to follow the story of its construction on the Canto Luz blog Living with the Trees.  If you are in Toronto and can’t make it to Peru anytime soon to help with construction, consider attending her free talk : “Amazonian Tradition, Shamanic Training, & Sustainability of the Forest”  Presented by Evolver Toronto,  at Alternative Thinking Bookstore in downtown Toronto (Bathurst and Bloor) this coming Monday March 4th, 2013 at 7pm. Vsit the FB event page.

My introducton to the grandmother medicine:

Inspired by the culture and my years of playing Batucada in Montreal (Brazilian drumcore), In 2005 I decided I was going to visit Brazil on my own for the first time. Upon arriving I played batucada in a bloco in carnival Salvador, I  learned Portuguese, and then returned several times and stayed many months to a year. I was first introduced to Ayahuasca medicine there,  and have since been working with this medicine regularly.  While in Brazil, I attended ceremonies of the Uniao do Vegetal, a christian based sacred medicine group similar to the Santo Dime.

Working with Mariya:

When I discovered Mariya’s work, I knew I had found a home for this path. Mariya’s traditional Peruvian ceremonies are unlike any I had attended previously, and have become my most trusted source for this healing journey. I have never felt so much unique care and dedicated practice, and having a woman medicine worker has greatly increased my trust and comfortability with this intimate healing process. Mariya gathers, cooks, and prepares all her own medicine for several days with her teachers on the land in Peru, unlike many medicine workers practicing in North America who often simply order their brew from potentially unknown and un-guaranteed sources.  I am looking forward to supporting  and visiting Canto Luz, and to working with Mariya and this sacred brew in the future.

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