It’s my favourite time of year, when elves and faeries scamper out to the forest for Solstice festival to dance their hearts out on the longest day of the year as we have done for millenia. June 18-24, 2012, you can find me there.

The OM Reunion Project annual solstice celebration isn’t like any other Summer Music event.  As a membership based, community driven event, it is up to YOU to create the experience you want to have, and share with those around you.

The Center for Alternative Living Medicine (C.A.L.M)  is the gathering’s holistic haven where community members can access natural healing alternatives in a peaceful and safe environment. Come by anytime and find experienced body-workers  available. Massage therapists, Reiki and energy therapy practitioners, acupuncturists, reflexologysts, craniosacral therapists, osteopaths, tarot readers, sound healers, hypnotists, meditation teachers, shiatsu practitioners, shamanic medicine practitioners all available free as part of your membership fee.

Its my fourth year volounteering at the festival and my third year as the C.A.L.M coordinator. My first OM reunion project solstice festival in 2009 we were only 6 practitioners for the whole week, and this year for our largest gathering yet, we have an unexpected 40 volunteer alternative healthcare practitioners already confirmed available to festival goers. How will I coordinate enough massage tables and space in our limited shelters to house them all! It will all work out as it should, trust in the universe.

We also have a C.A.L.M practitioners FB group where practitioners can connect with eachother and general members can check out whats going on before the festival begins. There is also the Solstice festival FB event Page

Perhaps next year you will consider attending. See you when I return from the forest….