Welcome. My name is Hala Zabaneh and I am committed to your physical health, emotional and spiritual well-being.  My personal quest for healing has given me the skills and experience to help others awaken their own healing potential within. I am trained in several healing modalities and I access empathic abilities in healing sessions.  I regularly participate in different traditional shamanic plant medicine ceremonies including Ayahuasca, and I try to maintain daily meditation practice. I have been offering energetic spiritual healing therapies such as Reiki since 2008.

I was born May 26, 1980 in Toronto to Arab-Canadian parents. I have a BA in women’s political studies, a diploma in Natural Health and Nutrition, a certificate in Financial Management, and a Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Adult Education and Counseling Psychology/Community Development from OISE at the University of Toronto. I have traveled to many places and have spent many years living in Montreal and Brazil and as a result speak both French and Brazilian Portuguese. I work with the Women’s Human Rights Education Institute, as well as Knowledge First Financial, and am Life licensed with Desjardins Financial Security. I am also a longtime professional stilt-walker and costume maker.

A little bit about my personal healing journey and my perspective:

The way I move through this material world as a spiritual being has changed over my lifetime. The assumptions I had made about myself and the world created conflicting visions and ideas of what is ‘truth’. In the past I had let myself be pushed and pulled in different directions by others, not listening to my own inner knowledge. I later realized I had not been asking the right questions, nor had I been listening to the answers I was intuitively receiving. I thought ‘I’ knew better and could control any situation.  I suffered abuse, violence, and loss. My pain and illusions were great. It was ‘never my fault’. With the guidance of spiritual healing I now walk with deep trust and knowing of self and of spirit and take responsibility for all my experiences. My health is consistently better than it has ever been, and I also generally remain alcohol free. Constantly evolving, I can work towards living with peace, love, and gratitude for all of my experiences overflowing from my heart center. I remember who I a