Made from volcanic clay and natural minerals bonded together at the molecular level, these quantum pendants emit scalar energy and provide Electro Magnetic Field Radiation (EMF) protection.  Health Benefits:

Increases energy, Reduces inflammation and Enhances circulation
Enhances immune and endocrine systems
Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
Enhances cellular permeability and strengthens biofield

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The Quantum pendant from Quantum Science helps repel interference frequencies such as electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) from electronic devices such as cell phones, that damage cells and block the free flow of energy throughout the body. Similar to upping the watts in a light bulb…the Quantum Pendant helps to instantly and dramatically increase the connectivity, flow and communication of your energy system. By simply wearing the Quantum Pendant or carrying it in your pocket, you will experience an incredibly powerful charge of mental focus, strength and endurance.

I distribute Quantum Science Energy pendants for the amazingly low price of $35 each Other distributors can charge $150-$250 for their pendants ( I paid $250 for my initial pendant from the multi-level marketing distributors Fusion Excel). My Toronto distributor charges $50 per pendant. My own mark-up is extremely low as I charge an unbelievable $35 each, or 4 for $125.  As a result they are a very popular and useful item 🙂

Quantum Pendants are not magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance. They emit a scalar energy field including the essential k40 resonance; they are inert and are not radioactive.

The combination of the minerals and the fusion techniques produces a catalytic conversion of energy, developing a long lasting natural scalar resonance which has the ability to be transferred to any liquid, renewing the natural nano molecular structure. The renewed molecular structure is similar to that found in healthy natural spring water. Like fruit and vegetables the body slowly loses its nano molecular structure, and as we age cells have less ability to absorb liquid. The cell can be re-hydrated at a molecular level to provide energy liquid using the Quantum Pendant.

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